Nutritional? Nope.
Delicious? Yup.
Overall bad for your health and will likely kill you? Hell yeah Baby!
It's NekoJiru!

^ quote the madlad himself, "It's cool to be dogshit." ^

Who the fuck am I?

Name: N/A
First Sighted: 10/03/1999
Profession: World's dumbest bitch idiot, Kids WB Historian, no. 1 on Neocities' most wanted list

Things that I like

~Late 90s/Early 2000s Internet Culture
~Almost anything Nintendo puts out
~Copious Amounts of Anime and Manga that there's too many to list
~80s Synthpop and New Wave

What even is Nekojiru?

Nekojiru is merely my personal part of the internet away from all of corporate social media where I can talk about the things that I like and the semi-odd memories of my life that I tend to recount. You can say it's a webzine of sorts, but I don't really have much of the certainty or confidence to refer to my site as a "webzine."

Is there even a clear definition of what a webzine even is?

....ah, fuck it.

Call this site whatever you want! Call it a webzine, an online diary, a love letter to the early 2000s internet aesthetic, or the worst HTML ever that miraculously managed to be coded into a website! That being said though, I hope you enjoy Nekojiru.