Log Entry: Circa 2003

As a very young and stupidly naive child, Spongebob was one of the many things I immediately grasped onto and refused to let go of during my childhood. Perhaps it had to do with the fact it was the first show that would play after the Nick Jr. segment ended, maybe it was all the stupid jokes I laughed at despite not really understanding them, or things that were bright yellow in color easily caught my attention.

I was sitting in front of our CRT Television watching an episode of Spongebob, it was the one where he kept trying to impress this snobby sea cucumber who acted like he had a stick shoved up his ass. The scene played out where sea cucumber guy had Spongebob be bait and lure out a giant jellyfish for them to catch.

And in that moment that word which I have never heard before was immediately registered into my brain. Thinking to myself, "I need to let somebody know that this is a word that exists right now." I got up, walked over to the nearest person I could find (that being my mother), and repeated those words right back to her. To my mother, being a conservative catholic woman, saying the word 'loser' at my age was like saying the worst swear word imaginable.

Because of this my parents had ended up unplugging our cable for a week in hopes I wouldn't learn more foul language from the television.

I guess that was why they never liked me watching that silly cartoon all the time.