Log Entry: circa 2003 ~ 2004

I think I'm pretty lucky to be one of the few kids raised on VHS tapes during a time when DVDs were starting to become more mass produced and easily accessible. Some tapes I remember owning were the first two Lion King Movies, Tarzan, Fairly Odd Parents: Abra-Catastrophe, Blues Clues, Some random My Little Pony tape, and a bootleg of 102 Dalmatians which looked like it was taped over something that was once important.

However there was this one tape that my parents would always put in the vcr and made me watch, it intruiged me because unlike all the other tapes I watched this tape wasn't in English and it wasn't something I've ever seen on TV before. For the longest time I could never remember just what the name of this show I watched, until one day I happened to stumble across this video purely by chance. Seeing those trippy 90s visuals and that familar tune made me realize, "Hey! This was that weird Polish show they made me watch!"

Because I failed in learning Polish despite my parents best efforts, nor was I able to Wikipedia page or anything I have to describe this show using the best of my intuition. "Ala i As" is you sub-standard Preschool show made for Polish Public Access TV. It stars a grown up woman pretending to be a young girl named Ala and her weird puppet dog who's nose is falling off named As (and was unfortanetly one S short from being called Ass).

The duo would usually go around places, meeting other young kids and usually having Ala explain things to As because he's a clueless idiot, and most of the times they would sing songs. I was lucky enough to find at least two other clips from that one tape we had, and oh god all of those drawings are all so brightly colored and trippy looking just as I remembered so many years ago.

Like seriously, why do drugs when you can watch this instead?

At one point my parents sold off most of the VHS tapes they have which was an absolutely dumb decision, but I knew they would never have the heart to throw to throw this tape out since it came straight from their home country. So I searched endlessly within our house, opening up every plastic bin just to look for a vhs tape with some shitty Polish children's show taped on it...

I was able to find at least one hidden away vhs tape still tucked into an unmarked sleeve...

Could it be...?

Oh god fucking damn it.