Log Entry: Spring 2014

2013 to 2014 was when I got really into Dragon Ball Z, and I mean like... REALLY into it. I always carried a usb drive with me with subbed episodes so I could watch it at school if that gives you a good idea as to how much I was into DBZ. I still really like Dragon Ball but not as obsessively like before. Back then I was eager to play one of the many fighting games there were, but I wasn't quite to sure about where to start since there were so many games that all cover the same story arcs but I remember hearing someplace that the Budokai trilogy was a good place to start.

Jump to several weeks later where I'm at Bookmans browsing around as usual, I finally reach the video games section and there I came across a copy of DBZ Budokai for gamecube. My dad bought it for me anyways since it was cheap and I couldn't have been anymore excited to play a video game.

The moment we came back home, I immediately rushed upstairs, turned on the Wii, and popped the disc in...

I only got to see only the first five seconds of the opening intro before the screen cut to black with a message saying, "there is a system error. Please remove the disc from your console." I initially thought maybe the disc was all scratched up and couldn't be read properly, so I got the disc cleaned and placed it back into the Wii. And the same thing happened again, first five seconds of the opening plays before cutting to black with a loud screeching noise.

Staring at the error screen I felt both frustrated and heartbroken... but then I suddenly remembered something, that wasn't the only copy of Budokai they had at the store! I asked my dad if he could go back to the store so he could return the game and get the other (and hopefully working) copy to which he agreed to do while I was in school.

On Monday I waited anxiously hoping my dad had kept his promise as I was still really eager to play Budokai, when I got back home he told me he went back to Bookmans and got the broken copy replaced. I thanked my dad profusely before running back upstairs and put the supposedly new copy back into the wii...

...and the same error screen pops again. My stomach sank, something was telling me that my dad never even bothered to get the game replaced at all.

That motherfucker.