Log Entry: Summer 2007

One day my dad suddenly came up to me saying, "I found this while I went out for a walk today, you can have it." before handing me a ds cartridge labled "Diddy Kong Racing DS." My mind was left with a few questions, just how the hell did my dad found a ds game lying around on the pavement? Did he... steal this game from a poor unsuspecting child? I didn't bother getting the answers for the questions I had, because I just got a new game for my DS lite for free.

The game immediately grabbed my attention with the bright neon colors, the playable animal characters that were unique to this series, and the expansive hub world I've spent hours on end exploring. Apparently the story to this game is that some giant shithead named Wizpig is invading a peaceful tropical island that really didn't need some pig tyrant overuling the whole thing. The island critters in a last ditch effort write to diddy kong to help save their island, to which Diddy agrees and they all band together to defeat Wizpig and his baddied through the magic of....uhm.. kart racing.

Hey, what else are you supposed to write for an adventure mode in a kart racing game?? I'll cut Rare some slack here since nobody has ever really done such a thing before.

This game was always a joy to pick up and play when I had nothing better to do. I think I only made it up to Dragon Forest in the story mode and could never make it past the boss level. Damn you Smokey the Dragon.

Pipsy was always my go-to character, probably because she was the easiest for me to control.

If it wasn't apparent enough, Diddy Kong Racing DS is a port of the original Nintendo 64 Diddy Kong Racing. There's a lot of differences between the two games, with the most notable being Banjo and Conker were replaced by Dixie Kong and Tiny Kong. Apparently, a lot of people hate the ds port saying that it's inferior in every way to the N64 version. Now I haven't had the oppertunity to play the Original Diddy Kong Racing so I can't really say on my behalf.

So what if Diddy Kong Racing DS was just a rushed port to make a quick buck or two that probably wasn't as good as the console version? At least I had fun playing it and really that's all that matters.