Log Entry: September 27th, 2017

I remember first hearing about Depeche Mode going on tour from a radio advert on 94.5 KOOL way back in April. Hearing that a band I actually gave a rats ass about was coming to Arizona for once excited me and I begged my dad to buy tickets, he's also a pretty big fan of Depeche Mode so obviously there was no way he would back down on this oppertunity. Plus the concert itself was a week before my birthday, so it could be considered an early birthday gift.

Months passed and the day of the concert finally arrived. Of course it wasn't until evening so I still had to go to school, I don't even remember what I did in class because my mind was so preoccupied on Depeche Mode. Once school was over for the day we drove off to the venue, the place was quite huge and our seats were all the way in the back but I didn't mind. Before the show started I found myself chatting with a mom and her two teenage daughters along with two guys sitting a row behind, the conversation we all had was quite pleasant and wholesome... made me feel all the more welcome.

The opening act started with some Los Angeles indie band called Warpaint. Sadly I can't find any videos of their performance from that night since nobody in Arizona has likely heard, or gave a shit about them. The two songs of their that happened to stick with me were Heads up and New Song, they really weren't all too bad in my opinion. Warpaint played for about an hour or so, after the intermission the real deal finally got to start.

Depeche Mode kicked it off with Going Backwards, a newer song of theirs. I've never heard of it up until now but damn is it good... in fact a majority of the songs they played were all from their newer albums some were okay some I didn't really care for, but they did at least play a few of their oldies. They didn't play Strangelove like I had really hoped, but they did play Enjoy The Silence and Everything Counts which was all that really mattered to me.

By the time the concert was over and we headed back to the car it was already close to midnight, on our way out I noticed a vendor selling t-shirts and other goodies but my dad said he could buy me one for much cheaper on ebay tomorrow morning. We stopped by at an iHOP to get something to eat before heading back home, on the drive back I remember hearing the most bizzare song on Sirius XM's First Wave channel called, "I Eat Cannibals" by Toto Coleo. Really the song has a much different aura when you listen to it very late at night than in the middle of the day. Once I got back home I slept until noon, I didn't bother going to school the next day so my dad generously called in to excuse my absence.