Log Entry: Late 2009

At this point in life I already well knew about anime and it's existance thanks to my sister. Either we would usually sit down together and watch subbed episodes of Tokyo Mew Mew, Lucky Star, and Naruto... Or she would instead usher me into my bedroom so she could watch Death Note, Higurashi, and Elfen Lied. I'm glad she had the right mind and courtesy to do so, because I know watching a scene from Higurashi would have further traumatized me.

While I haved watched episodes of Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, and Digimon, I don't necesarily consider any of them to be my first anime since I only watched the localized english dub versions of said shows. I believe my first anime I had ever watched on my own (in it's original Japanese dub) would have to be Keroro Gunso (A.K.A Sgt. Frog).

I remember first hearing about it somewhere on Deviantart, it piqued my interest so I watched up a few episodes on ZOMGAnime.com (what we used to have before KissAnime existed) and was immediately hooked. I drew plenty of fanart, made a few fan characters, and downloaded a lot of the opening and ending theme songs on my blue and silver mp3 player.

There was also that one time Funimation attempted to do an english dub of the series... and failed horribly.

Because the series itself didn't really have much of an overarching story and whole lot of filler, I only watched the first 10 episodes before skipping around and watching whatever random episode who's plot sounded the most interesting to me. Eventually I grew out of Keroro Gunso and moved onto different anime with more serious plots, I would love to return back to this series and rewatch it in full but like I said before there are too many filler episodes to sift through.

This overwhemling amount of filler puts the entirety of Naruto to shame!