Log Entry: November 2011

Between spring of 2010 to early 2012, I often tuned into Vh1. I originally only watched their Top 20 Video Countdown on Sundays or the vary rare re-runs of Pop-Up Video, but given I was a very odd kid who liked to wake up early in the morning, I discovered Vh1 would play a random selection of music videos early in the morning before switching to their main programming. A lot of the videos they played were... the same as what they would play for their Top 20 Countdown, really generic pop/R & B songs which I've since grown incredibly weary of... but they would often throw in and older song or something modern that was at least more decent to listen to.

One day I got up much earlier than usual it was still dark out but I couldn't fall back asleep, so I headed over to the TV and turned it on where the channel was already set to Vh1. My mind was still hazy and disorientated so I didn't really pay much attention to what music videos were playing... until it suddenly cut to this next video. It was just of a guy, dancing in front of a motel for three minutes straight. But once I heard that opening guitar riff, my mind woke up and I was starting to feel as energetic as the dancing man on screen. I had no clue what I had just watched, but goddamn was it entertaining!

Now that my tastes in music have changed drastically since 2011, I no longer listen to recent or from the top 100 charts (the only exception is this one fairly obscure artist I listen to). But Lonely Boy is still one of my favorite "newer" songs. Apparently the Black Keys already had a proper and more serious music video filmed for Lonely Boy, but they didn't like the outcome and scrapped it... save for one scene of one guy with his sick dance moves (a.k.a the same one in the music video). So the band members thought, "Why don't we just get this guy to dance and lip-sync to our song and make it our music video instead?"

Honestly no other music video will ever top this one.