Log Entry: Mid to late 2013 ~ Early 2014

I wanna take a moment to take about one of my teachers I had in Middle School, for the sake of keeping his identity anonymous... let's call him Mr. D.

Looking back now, Mr. D was straight up a fucking nerd, but back then he was probably the most badass teacher a middle schooler could probably ask for. He taught English for one year and Social Studies the next, for English class he would make us watch episodes of Teen Titans and have us write down the meaning/moral behind the episode and find symbolisms or quotes relating to it (one time we got to do this big project where each student would get to draw a villain from the show and write adjectives that best describe them. Some bastard beat me to it in picking Slade, so I went with Mad Mod instead). During our lunch or freetime he would just put on random episodes of The Justice League or Batman: The Brave and The Bold for us to watch. I distinctly remember one time Mr. D said to us, "don't tell your parents that I let you watch this" before putting on a pretty violent cartoon about Marvel's Black Panther.

Aside from getting to watch all the superhero cartoons instead of reading out of textbooks, I also distinctly remember Mr. D would often put on some music while we were working. Mostly he would like to play 70s classic rock, but there was this one artist Mr. D would play all the time named Moby. Something about Moby's music ended up sticking to me even after I moved on from Middle School, Here's a few of the songs Mr. D would play for us while we worked on assignments.

Honey - This song is good, like, really fucking good. Dare I say one of the best songs Moby has made? Unlike most of the generic pop you hear on the radio, there's something so upbeat about Honey that just makes me want to stand up and dance whenever I hear it. Too bad I have two left feet.

Why Does my Heart Feel So Bad? - I like the music video for this one, probably because I feel a lot like The Little Idiot in this situation where he just doesn't seem to fit into society. Although I'm never to sure if the woman in the chorus is singing "He's supposed to know" or "He'll open doors." Guess I'll never know.

Natural Blues - My personal favorite. A lot of people tend to say Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad is a pretty sad song, but I think this one is much more somber compared to the former. At least The Little Idiot here was able to make a few friends. :)

Porcelain - Another somber-sounding song. When I heard Porcelain the first few times, something about that opening bit felt unsettling to me. Turns out it was a sample of a score for an old 1960s epic played in reverse.

Southside - I heard this one was one of Moby's more commercially successful singles, probably because it initially featured Gwen Stefani as well. Now don't get me wrong, I love Gwen Stefani and the songs she sang for No Doubt... but I kinda prefer the version of the song without her vocals.

Flower - I don't really have much to say about this song, except that this was the one that got stuck in my head all the time when I came home from school. Apparently people also say this is a good song to excersize to because they like to complain in the comments about how sore their muscles are after excersizing to it. I really wish there was some web extension that gets rid of all the shitty youtube comments I have to read whenever I want to listen to music.