Log Entry: April 2nd, 2018

I'm not to sure where my dad heard that OMD was coming to Arizona, I think it must've been through a friend at work because he was eager to see them live. I was a little bit reluctant on going at first because just like the Depeche Mode concert, this also fell on a school night and I didn't want to risk missing too many days. But I soon found out the day after classes were going to be canceled because of a big faculty meeting so we decided to order our tickets. I'm glad I was able to go though because this was probably one of the most entertaining concerts I've been to so far.

The venue itself was indoors but it got cramped pretty easily as I ended being completely surrounded by old people, I didn't really see anyone there who was my age but that's because no high school senior cares more about 1980s New Wave than me. I did see this young couple in their 20s standing a few feet in front of me getting a bit too touchy-feely with one another, I definetly saw a hand slind down to grope someone's asscheeks which immediately made me uncomfortable. Fortunately I forgot about that gross cis couple as soon as the show started.

For the opening act a band called GGOOLLDD came on and preformed, apparently they're from Wisconsin. I don't really remember what songs they played but they all had this hazy and dream-like feeling to them, the lead singer was super cute and she reminded me of Grimes. For one song she was swinging her microphone around so much that it was flinged off towards the crowd causing back-up to run over and hastily hand her a new microphone. I couldn't help but to laugh a little bit at this incident.

After GGOOLLDD came and went to do their little gig OMD finally came up and man, unlike the old men I forced to sit with... these guys were energetic which helped me stay awake for the rest of the night. My dad was incredibly happy that they played more of their older songs unlike Depeche Mode, hell even the lead singer Andy turned to the band members and said, "Remember that one time in '88 where we were the opening act for some band called 'Depeche Mode?' Yeah, I wonder where those guys are now."

Unfortunately being in a closed up room full of bright flashing lights and a loud bass that can shake the whole room started to make me feel disorentated. After they finished up Enola Gay and pretended that the gig was over until people started chanting for them to come back, I was starting to become more drowsy and had some trouble focusing. Regardless I still tried my best to enjoy the concert, once it was finally over I was eager to head back home and finally get some well deserved rest. I guess I'm also starting to become one of those crusty old men I had to sit next to in the crowd, haha.