Log Entry: November 2004

While anime was starting to become more well known here in the states, J-Pop was still an uncharted territory... unless if you were like some hardcore weeaboo back in the day. Most of us kids only knew Puffy Ami Yumi as, "those girls who sung the theme song for Teen Titans." So to hear the two were going to get their own tv show on Cartoon Network sounded pretty unique to me. Although plenty of cartoons based on celebrities have been made in the past before, but I didn't know that at the time so I thought this was a new concept.

In my mind I was hoping it would be about Ami and Yumi living double lives as both superheros and musicians, beating up whatever monsters and baddies that were preventing them from getting to their next gig on time. Once Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi premeried though, not only was it nothing like what I had imagined, but the animation just felt so...uncanny to me (That's adobe flash for ya!). I was disappointed but I still kept watching it, having them cut between their real life and cartoon counterparts was neat though.

You can easily find a few of the animated segments as well as some full episodes on youtube, which just goes to show that Cartoon Network doesn't really give a fuck about it anymore... quite a shame really.

At least their music is still pretty good.