Log Entry: March 6th, 2016

I've had plenty of freaky dreams before. I've had several different dreams involving monsters, demons, possessions, death, public schootings, and the apocalypse. But there's was only one dream that didn't have any of those previous things, and yet somehow managed to shake me to the core.

It started off seemingly normal, me and my family were on vacation probably someplace on the east coast. My parents were walking through this town taking pictures of the trees and statues, I followed closesly but I was feeling pretty despondent so I slowly started to fall behind. All I remember was that I just glanced down on the sidewalk for one moment, when I looked up my entire family in front of me was gone... they just, vanished like that.

"Oh shit." I thought to myself, "My family just left me here. I don't even know where I am, but I should probably go get some help." I hurried off deeper within the town trying to find someone who could help me find my family. However no matter wherever I looked, I couldn't find a single other person. It truly felt like I was walking through a ghost town, but nevertheless I kept searching. I walked into an alleyway, that was when I heard the voice,

"What are YOU doing here?!"

I immediately look up. Standing there a few feet in front of me was this other girl, she was slightly older and taller than me, with long dark brown hair, along with the horns and ears of a bovine. I recognized her and so did she, but she was not happy to see me at all. I tried to tell her I was only looking for my family but she spoke again,

"Get the fuck out of here. NOW."

I panicked as I turned around and started to run, of course the girl chased after me. I didn't know exactly why this older girl was so pissed at me, but I knew if I ended up letting myself be caught by her some really bad things were going to happen. I needed to hide, and fast.

A short wave of relief overcame me as I came across this small house with furniture but nobody inside, I ran in closing every door behind me as I made my way up to the attic, hiding underneath a dusty table covered by a giant cloth. For what felt like quite a while I was left with just my scattered thoughts, I knew this girl was still trying to hunt me down but I believed she would never find out where I was hiding, as soon as I knew she was gone I could go back to searching for my family.

Suddenly I then heard the loud creak of a door and pair of footsteps enter the attic, "Fuck, she found me!" I immediately thought. Her footsteps wandered around the attic before making her way towards the table I was hiding underneath, the dead silence lasted for almost an enternity until I saw a hand reach out from under and grab the tablecloth. I closed my eyes and held my breath...

...And then I woke up in a cold sweat with my heart pounding out of my chest. I was completely on edge for the rest of the day thanks to that nightmare I had. All thanks to that girl who somehow recognized me.