Log Entry: December 2005

Earlier this summer we flew far away from the comfort of Cartoon City to this very peculiar place I have never seen or heard of until now. It was very sunny... and also very hot.There weren't any forests to be seen for miles, just dry land and rugged mountains.

I remember we were there to see my friend who's family had just moved here, as well as to see this giant canyon in the ground. ...what I didn't realize at the time was that my parents were looking for a new house to move into, in this hot and uncomfotable place. And soon enough, they found a new home and begun preparing to move out.

The months that followed all felt disorientating to me, complete stangers would sometimes walk into our house and wander around looking into every room. And then one day my dad just vanished almost of nowhere, I asked my mom where he was and she finally broke the news to me.

"...Nekojiru, do you remember that time we flew out to Arizona during the summer?"

"...yeah, but where's dad? Why isn't he home??"

"Well, you see.. we're going to be moving to Arizona real soon, And dad is in our new house so he can get everything ready."

"But.. why are we moving?? I like it here in Cartoon City!"

I don't really remember what answer my mom gave me so I would shut up and stop asking questions, but nothing about it made any sense to me. We've already moved to a different house once, why do we have to do it again? Why move far away from all my friends and family?

The week before winter break, my teacher told my class that I was moving away to Arizona and had all the activites be based around that ...this only just managed to alienate me furthermore, sure I was only moving accross the country but at the time it felt like I was moving away to someplace completely foreign and not natural to this.

Then one day all of the furniture in the house slowly began to diappear, one evening my sister and I were in the middle of watching Nickelodeon when suddenly these two men came in, unplugged the tv right as it was in the middle of an episode of Fairly Odd Parents, and walked right out with it. All of our toys were gone too, so all we had to entertain ourselves was this atomic purple Gameboy Color gifted to us by my sister's friend along with a copy of Capser for the Gameboy (which neither of us knew how to play because that dumbass never gave us the instruction manual).

Soon enough the house was empty and all the furniture was gone, so me, my sister, and my mom all had to sleep on this giant air mattress in the first floor of the house. On the day we were to leave for our flight to our new home, I had woken before my sister and mom. I looked up at the window across the room and saw our backyard covered in a blanket of snow as snowflakes gently rained down.
It was like something straight out of a fairytale.


It's already been 14 years since we've moved here, 14 years and it still feels like I haven't gotten used to anything at all.