Log Entry: September 2008

At this point I already owned a Wii, the only games I've had though were Wii Sports and Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros. Brawl was also finally out at this point however outside of renting it at Blockbuster whenever possible, I wouldn't get to properly play until around two years later.

Sure all the cool kids at school were all playing Brawl and spreading rumors about how you could unlock Mewtwo and Metal Mario, but in truth I didn't feel bad that I was left out.. because in my eyes I had something way better.

Another kid I knew from school managed to get me into the world of Godzilla, so when I found out there was a fighting game featuring so many iconic monsters on the Wii, I was more than estatic to play it.

The story which I can recall from the best of my abilities is that after a strange meteor shower Earth experiences drastic earthquakes and climate shifts. Tokyo is underwater by tsunamis, Sydney is in the middle of a blizzard, and London is for some reason trapped in a black hole all the while these giant crystals grow out of the ground. Meanwhile a group of aliens called the Vortaak notice the chaos going on and use it as the perfect oppertunity to invade the planet.

For Godzilla however, it's just another Thursday for him.

All the playable monsters are divided into four factions: Earth Guardians, Aliens, Global Defense Force (AKA the mechas), and Mutants. Whichever faction your kaiju comes from changes the outcome of the story. There was also a mode where you and another monster had to destroy buildings on the stage and rack up as much points as you can before the timer ran out. It's obvious that I have a lot of nostalgia towards this game, and seeing that this game did not get the most positive reception when it came out still baffles me a little bit.

A couple months back discovered someone was working on a mod for this game that promised improvised controls, fighter balancing, alternate skins for kaiju, along with many other improvements. A 1.5 update has been released although it looks it was intended to be played on an emulator than a physical console, other than that no other news regarding the mod has been made since well over a year ago (July 2018) so I guess the creator just lost interest or something. What a shame really...