Log Entry: 2005 ~ 2007

Shortly after moving into our new house in Arizona, we no longer had basic cable like we used to back in Connecticut meaning we had to resort watching whatever kids programs that were available on public television. Weekdays afterschool were mainly spent watching PBS Kids Go (until the block was over by 6pm), and Weekends were spent switching between The CW 4kids and Kids WB.

Most people these days look at 4kids with utter disdain for butchering and americanizing their beloved anime, which is why I'm going to talk about Kids WB instead because it's the one I remember watching more. I do remember watching Kids WB every saturday morning back in our old home and promptly switching back to Cartoon Network when the tv block ended at noon. But again since we didn't have cable at our new home this was one of my only resorts to watching cartoons.

I was somewhat heartbroken that I could no longer watch Spongebob, but it was okay for the most part because Kids WB had Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Xiaolin Showdown, Krypto the Superdog, Jackie Chan Adventures, as well as a few shows transferred over from Cartoon Network. The only ones I can remember were Teen Titans and Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. There was also Johnny Test, Loonatics Unleashed, and Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island but uh...nobody likes to talk about them because well... they sucked. (The first season of Johnny Test wasn't actually... all the bad? But it's completely outweighed by all the garbage from season 2 onwards).

The one thing people remember regarding Kids WB was all the promos it aired where it had characters from different shows interacting with one another. I distinctly recall this one promo they had going on where this one villain character from Johnny Test was sneaking into different shows and freezing certain characters. I know this because I remember watching an episode of Teen Titans and right at the end, the said villain appeared curdely photoshopped on screen and froze Cyborg, it then cut go Johnny Test and his nasally voice saying if you went on the Kids WB website and freed all the characters that were frozen, you could enter a contest to win some dumb prize. I tried to looking online to see if there were recordings of this promo just to prove I don't sound like a crazy person, but all I could find was a reddit post detaling the exact same thing.

Come by mid 2006 my parents bought a satellite TV network and we finally got our main cartoon channels back, but I would still tune into Kids WB every Saturday up until 2007 because Pokemon had now moved to Cartoon Network, and most of the newer shows on Kids WB weren't really appealing to me. I'd really hate to say it but TV is starting to become a dying lifeform, excluding PBS there are no longer any public channels that have weekend timeslots dedicated to cartoons. The last I've ever seen of this was in mid 2014 on the CW where they would air episodes of Justice League Unlimited and a heavily censored Dragon Ball Kai.

Sometimes it doesn't hurt to dwell into the past for a little while.