Log Entry: May 2017

Even though I was only a junior at the time, a lot of my friends were seniors. Because of this I attened a lot of senior meetings and in turn got to go on the annual senior trip. The seniors ending choosing to go to Knott's Berry Farm, which is basically Disneyland but with zero theming and rollercoasters. The bus was scheduled to leave at 2 in the morning so most students decided to stay up and then fall asleep on the bus. I only ended up getting 4 hours of sleep since I have difficulty sleeping on any moving vehicle, but somehow only getting 4 hours of rest didn't effect me at all.

We ended arriving an hour early before the park opened, so we stopped at at nearby McDonalds to get breakfast. This McDonalds was weird, there was a miniature train set on display in the dining area, and instead of a playplace there was a room tucked off to the side with a bunch of arcade cabinets. Once the park opened everybody grouped off and did whatever the fuck they wanted for the rest of the day. I stayed with my friends Erika, Kyle, Tanya, Cassie, Cassie's shitty boyfriend and the girl he was not so secretly cheating with.

For the most part I stayed with Kyle and Tanya as the others wanted to go ride the rollercoasters while I didn't want to get nausea and whiplash. There was a nearby arcade which we mostly stayed, most of the games they had were claw machines and the others didn't really look that appealing to me....that was, until I saw it.

"Holy shit."

"What did you find now Nekojiru?"


Crane Machines are notorious for being shams, but this one was different as if you didn't win something the first time around, the game would still let you play until won something. To this day I still don't know what came over me as I ended up spending almost close to $40 on this crane game alone winning as many cheap and shitty rubber animals as I could. I won so many that I ended up giving some away to friends and classmates for free.

Despite wasting almost half of the money I was given on a rubber ducky claw machine and the weird drama between Cassie and her shit boyfriend, I still ended up having a lot of fun, on the ride back home somebody managed to convince the bus driver to stop at Five Guys and Erika bought me some fries. This trip ended up becoming one of the few fond memories I have of highschool.

"But wait Nekojiru!" I can already hear you say, "What about your ACTUAL senior trip?" Well for my real senior trip the following year we went to Universal Studios, it was a load of shit. End of story.