Log Entry: 2006

I never really understood the point of school's rallying everyone into the auditorium for these prestigious "Student Of the Month" awards. I guess it was a way to promote good character, but really all it did was set up unreasonably high expactations and cause multiple playground fights.

"Oh so you kicked little Timmy in the shins because he told you Batman was a dumb superhero? Well then I guess you're not getting this laminated piece of paper or this pack of skittles."

One month the principal said that those who won student of the month awards would get to skip class entirely and go on a field trip to some special place called Peter Piper Pizza (basically it's Chuck e. Cheese but only on the west coast). Sure as a college kid you can skip class to eat pizza and play video games whenever you please, but for a kid this was a privilege no one would ever pass up and gave them all the more reason to try and act on their best behavior (or to get into more fights about who was worthy enough).

And yet somehow that month, I ended up receiving an award along with one of my other classmates. Now I was an impulsive and mental mess of a child so how I ended up being the student of the month was beyond me, I guess one of the teacher's must've given it to me out of pity.
But who gives a shit about how I won?? I get to spend the whole day binging pizza and pixie sticks whilist playing arcade games and my parents can't do anything about it!

With all this sugar in my system as I ran around winning tickets left and right it felt as if I could do anything. The principal announced to everyone they had five minutes left until it was time to get back on the bus, but I wasn't paying much attention as I made my way over to the prize booth. There was a fairly long line in front of me but I didn't let it deter this streak of ecstasy I was on, if anything the only thing I had to worry about was if someone ahead in line was going to end up taking the spongebob figurines I had my eye on for a while now.

The minutes started to drag on though, and it felt as if the line wasn't decreasing at all making me feel more antsy, it felt like forever but soon enough I was in front of the line. Right as I was about to turn in my tickets though...

"Okay kids time's up, everybody back on the bus!"

"Uh...Huh?? W-Wait a second! Can I at least get my prize first before we leave??"

"Sorry Nekojiru, you're going to have to do that on your own time. We need to head back because school is almost over."

And just like that, my sugar-filled ecstasy had vanished like that. Defeated I headed back to the bus with all the other kids, but hey... maybe I'll get to come back here to redeem my tickets... right?

Yeah, that never happened. So now I just have this bag full of Peter Piper Pizza tickets, still waiting to be redeemed.