Log Entry: early 2014

One day during fifth period study hall out of my sheer boredom in a unused notebook... I made a comic. A really shitty comic parodying Super Mario bros, except everyone was badly drawn on purpose and given different names that vaguely sounded like their original names. This was not a comic about Mario and Luigi, no this was a story about Mayo and Leechy going on a quest to save their girl Princess Peas all while drug smuggling antics ensue, very not so obviously based on one of Vinesauce's videos.

Did Mayo and Leechy ever saved the princess? Unfortunately no, as you read through the comic below it still remains unfinished.

Title Page

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

So then if the comic remains unfinished, what was supposed to happen after Konkey Dong showed up? Honestly I don't remember anymore, probably had to do with a kart racing rematch or something... or better yet use your imagination to fill in the blanks. Will I ever finish this comic? Probably not, I like to think that Mayo and Leechy fell to their untimely demise after getting caught in a illegial drug trade.

If you really want to pick up where I left off then be my guest, although don't blame me if Nintendo suddenly comes along and sues your ass for copyright infringement.