So it has ended up coming to this.

The original Neocities server is long gone, Hyperlink is ten feet under, and the Districts server was an absolute dumpster fire run by one sick cuck. We now live in a society where neocites users have to make their own discord server... so hey, why not finally make my own? Just about anything goes here in NEKOJIRU'S SERVER FOR COOL KIDS AND NEETS, but don't go too hog wild there are still rules that everyone needs to follow!
  • No spam.
  • Don't be racist, sexist, ableist, homo/transphobic, or xenophobic towards others! (this also includes using slurs!)
  • Please refrain from talking about religious or political topics.
  • Just don't be an asshole in general.
  • All topics should be in their respective channels
  • You must be 18+ in order to access the #nsfw channel.
  • No somnolians allowed.
  • Stan OOHYO and Hypnosis Mic
  • Last and most importantly...have a good time, all the time!

Seems simple enough to follow right? So what are you waiting for??