It's late at night. It's currently raining. You feel cold and tired.

Tired of what exactly? Well... your surroundings, that's what. Everyone's still caught up in amusing, but otherwise petty drama you've since moved on from. Some people around you are just straight up rude and constantly vent about why no one likes them.. as if they're not aware they're the sole reason why. Others, they feel a bit too... comfortable with you. Asking you for things you are definitely not comfortable giving them, at one point you relent and give them what they want.. but it doesn't make you feel good about yourself. It just wasn't a good atmosphere to be around anymore... so you left. They got mad at you for leaving but you don't give any less of a shit, you're free and happy now.

...But now you're starting to feel lonely. You yearn for the fun old days with your old gang... as if you're going back to that festering shithole though, fuck that. You need to be around some fresh new faces, new faces that are relaxed and know to stay in their own lane...

It's then where you reach the end of the street where a bar stands. Huh, looks like its still open even at this hour.

You make your way inside and immediately you're greeted by warm lights and the soft sound of jazz music echoing throughout the place. The bartender notices you and welcomes you in, asking if you want a drink. You think it over for a bit before sitting down at the counter and asking for some whiskey on the rocks. As the bartender goes off to prep your drink you take in your surroundings, the atmosphere feels warm and inviting. It's quiet, but yet also lively at the same time...

...It's almost as if you feel like you've been right at home.

Welcome to the Lonely Loft, care for a drink?

**Must be +18 and ok with mature/sensitive topics to join**